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I want to add a landing page before the homepage in Magento, but it seems everywhere I look the documentation is very vague or the forums are hard to understand. I am fairly new to Magento but am very savvy with coding. Can anyone give me some instructions? or guide me in the right direction...


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I did it one time. I needed to verify a cookie before showing a pre-home.phtml template file.

I created a new module called "Pagina", and set on it's etc/config.xml:



                <pre_home module="pagina" translate="label">







The cookie validation was made via JavaScript, so if a crawler robots visits the site, we redirect to the correct page. In the layout/page.xml in the cms_index_index node, we putted:

        <reference name="after_body_start">

            <block type="page/html_head" after="-" name="index.js.beginning">

                <action method="addItem"><type>skin_js</type><name>js/prehome.js</name></action>



In the JS file on /js/prehome.js:

var c_name = 'city';

if(window.location.toString().indexOf('pre-home') == -1){

    var first_visit = true;

    var i,x,y,ARRcookies=document.cookie.split(";");

    for (i=0;i<ARRcookies.length;i++)





      if (x==c_name)





//you must define URL_SITE with site base url
        location.href = URL_SITE + 'pre-home';



    document.getElementById("sp").onclick = function(){

        var exdate=new Date();

        exdate.setDate(exdate.getDate() + 365);

        var c_value=escape('SP') + "; expires="+exdate.toUTCString();

        document.cookie= c_name + "=" + c_value;



Note that I created another escope in the same dir as /default, named /pre-home. So we need to have another handle, the pre_home layout handler , and some JS is inside template/[yourscope]/pre-home instead /default. But the pre-home.phtml must be at /default/template/page/pre-home.phtml as mentioned in config.xml.

Basically I have:





I hope this can help you.

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