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I wonder whether someone may be able to help me please.

I'm using the section of code below to create a table which correctly list records pertinent to the current user.

/* display row for each user */ 

echo "<tr>\n"; 
$theID = $row['locationid']; 
echo " <td style='text-align: Center'>{$row['locationname']}</td>\n";
echo " <td style='text-align: Left'>{$row['returnedaddress']}</td>\n"; 
echo " <td style='text-align: Center'>{$row['totalfinds']}</td>\n"; 
echo " <form action= locationsaction.php  method= 'post'><input type='hidden' name='lid' value=$theID/>                                             <td><input type= 'submit' name= 'type' value= 'Details'/></td>
<td><input type= 'submit' name= 'type' value= 'Images'/></td>
<td><input type= 'submit' name= 'type' value= 'Add Finds'/></td>
<td><input type= 'submit' name= 'type' value= 'View Finds'/></td>
<td><input type= 'submit' name = 'type' value= 'Delete'/></td></form>\n";

At the end of each table row there are a selection of buttons which via locatiosnaction.php shown below , navigate the user to other pages, all linked back to the main table record.


$_SESSION['lid'] = $_POST['lid'];
if (isset($_POST['type'])) {
    $urls = array(
        'Details' => 'viewlocation.php',
        'Add Finds' => 'addfinds.php',
        'Images' => 'addimages.php',
        'View Finds' => 'locationfinds.php',
        'Delete' => 'deletelocation.php'
    $url = $urls[$_POST['type']];
    header("Location: " . $url);

The problem I'm having revolves around the deletion of the record. This is the query I'm using:



    $lid = $_SESSION['lid'];
            $query = "DELETE FROM detectinglocations WHERE locationid='$lid'";
            $result = mysql_query($query);


The functionality of the button works fine, as it takes the user to the deletelocation.php script, but it's not deleting the record.

I've been using several scripts as reference and I'd thought I'd followed them correctly, but clearly not.

I just wondered whether someone could possibly take a look at this please and let me know where I'm going wrong.

Many thanks and kind regards

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Have you tried echoing out the SQL you're generating, and running it straight in the database? – andrewsi Jul 12 '12 at 14:13
write a echo mysql_error(); to your deletelocation.php please and post your output – silly Jul 12 '12 at 14:13
have you tried deleting this id? 'or 1=1 – Adi Jul 12 '12 at 14:14
Is this the whole delete script? You don't actually connect to the database via mysql_connect(). Simple error checking via echo mysql_error() will reveal this. – Michael Berkowski Jul 12 '12 at 14:15
It's becoming so incredibly repetitive to post about being vulnerable to sql injections it seems people just don't care anymore to post that. Related:… – Mahn Jul 12 '12 at 14:16
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You're missing the session_start(); at the beginning of deletelocation.php.

You have to call this on every page, that wants to use the session.

So in your case $_SESSION['lid'] is not resolvable, which will invalidate your SQL query.

PHP docu:

session_start() creates a session or resumes the current one ...

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Hi @ Sirko, thank you for taking the time to send a solution. I'm very new to programming in PHP, so your help is greatly appreciated. Kind regards – IRHM Jul 12 '12 at 14:42

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