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I know the imagefilter function expects a long but is there a way to cast a variable to a long or am I forced to simply create separate functions for each filter. My thought is this:

public function ImgFilter($filter, $arg1=null, $arg2=null){
    if($this->_cache_skip) return;
        imagefilter($this->_image_resource, $filter);

It's complaining about my $filter variable. For this example my $filter value is: IMG_FILTER_GRAYSCALE

Is this possible?

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You are passing "IMG_FILTER_GRAYSCALE" as string? –  deceze Jul 12 '12 at 14:31

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You should be able to use the function constant:

imagefilter($this->_image_resource, constant($filter));

However note that the following will also work just fine:

imagefilter($this->_image_resource, $filter);

You can pass around the constant as an argument without a problem if you need to do so. The former is only useful if you really need the constant name to be dynamic.

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That worked...I was headed down the wrong path :) Thanks! –  Paul Jul 12 '12 at 14:35

Casting is made this way:

<holder> = (<type>) <expression>

$var = (int) "123";
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The following function would do what you need:

public function ImgFilter($filter, $arguments = array())

    if ($this->_cache_skip) {

    if (isset($this->_image_resource)) {
        $params = array($this->_image_resource, $filter);

        if (!empty($arguments)) {
            $params = array_merge($params, $arguments);

        call_user_func_array('imagefilter', $params);

Then use it like this:

$this->ImgFilter(IMG_FILTER_COLORIZE, array(0, 255, 0));
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