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I could change XCode project name with the answer: .

Project file (.xcodeproj) and target name were changed.
But source folder name and scheme name doesn't changed.

I found the way to change scheme name by myself.
And I found the way to change source folder name on:

Is it safe to change project name in the above way?
Are there anything I have to do to change project name completely?
Or is it safer and more clean to create new project and copy source files to it?

I found that committing of GIT of XCode doesn't work anymore after renaming project name.

And found a question about this problem:
How do I rename an xcode scheme and keep Git commit working?

But the solution which is answered in that question is too complex for me to accept.

I tried to re-create git repository after the above problem happened.
But I couldn't re-create. So I asked how to do it.
And I got a good answer.
iPhone: How to re-create XCode built-in git repository?

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If you wanna change the application name, you just change the project name. All the rest is insignificant ( relax about the folder name and scheme ).

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Thanks. I just wanna rename project name cleanly without a trace of the old project. App name can be renamed with bundle display name setting. I found new problem for renaming project name. I've added about this to my question. Committing GIT is not working after renaming project. Are you using GIT? – js_ Jul 13 '12 at 9:07
git committing problem solved. I added explanation and a link to the question. – js_ Jul 13 '12 at 13:05

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