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I'd like to build a control panel (let's call it "dashboard") for several applications. Each application has a REST-API which will be used by the dashboard. The dashboard should have a module for every managed application.

In Rails I could use Controller Namespaces to achieve something like this. The models and the views could be separated in a similar way. This would lead to the following directory structure:

  • controllers/app1/
  • models/app1/
  • views/app1/
  • controllers/app2/
  • models/app2/
  • views/app2/

But I don't like that. I would rather have something like this, to have the modules better separated:

  • modules/app1/controllers
  • modules/app1/models
  • modules/app1/views
  • modules/app2/controllers
  • modules/app2/models
  • modules/app2/views

Is something like this possible with Rails 3?

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If you want that kind of separation you should investigate using Rails Engines to organize the components of your application. An engine is a sort of sub-application that's mostly self-contained.

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