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Using YUI, I want to create a menu button, passing in the menu widget instance.

Result is what looks like a menu button, but the menu doesn't show.

test case:

// key code section:
    var D = YAHOO.util.Dom,
        menu = new YAHOO.widget.Menu(D.generateId(), {lazyload: true});


    var t = new YAHOO.widget.Button({
                type: "menu",
               label: params.label,
                menu: menu,
           container: el

Do I need to render the menu before giving it to the Button?

If you want to see the, check the test case. The object is correct, it creates a menu when directly supplied to widget.Button. That's tested in the test case.

Any ideas appreciated.

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Yes, you need to render. Add menu.render(document.body); after menu.addItems(; and it should work fine.

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Yup, worked great. Thanks very much. – Larry K Jul 17 '09 at 20:29

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