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How can I plot a frequency distribution in R? I don't want to bin values. I just want to plot frequency for each value. The hist function insists on binning values unless I specify bins manually (really tedious, because I don't know the values in advance).

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You could plot the table of your data:


a histogram

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have you tried s.distri {ade4}? http://pbil.univ-lyon1.fr/ade4/ade4-html/s.distri.html

  xy <- cbind.data.frame(x = runif(200,-1,1), y = runif(200,-1,1))
  distri <- data.frame(w1 = rpois(200, xy$x * (xy$x > 0)))
  s.value(xy, distri$w1, cpoi = 1)
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This wasn't what I meant, but it looks fun. –  Colonel Panic Jul 12 '12 at 15:09
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