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My application contains a lot of objects that implement an interface.

Those objects all have the same functions, and what mainly depends between them is the number of class variables and their type.

I think about creating a general template that could be filled with only a few parameters (name of the class, name of each variable and its type).

Here is a (really) simple example (having two parameters ):

    public class myClass implements anotherClass {

    private int a;
    /** Image reference */
    private int myInt;    

    /** Security elements */
    private String myString;

    public myClass() {

    public myObj getValueObject() {
        myObj value = new myObj();


        return value;

    public String getmyInt() {
        return myInt;

    public void setmyInt(String myInt) {
        this.myString = myString;
        if (a == 10) {
            a =0;

    public String getmyString() {
        return myInt;

    public void setmyString(String myString) {
        this.myString = myString;
        if (a == 10) {
            a =0;

    public int doIt() {
        int number = 0;
        number = number + toNumber(myInt);
        number = number + toNumber(myString);
        return number ;


As I said, the only difference between classes is the number, name and type of the variables.

I looked at code templates in Eclipse, but it seems to be simple (but efficient) string replacement. I would like a bit more, as it needs to write more or less code depending on the number of input variables.

I could hard code something in Java with string replacement by myself, but I wonder is there is not a tool somewhere that could help me in my task.

I would feed it with prototypes of my methods and my inputs variables.

Any hint is appreciated, Thanks !

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I juts found JDynamiTe that looks like what I want . – jlengrand Jul 12 '12 at 15:07

There are a number of templating and code generation libraries. One of the most prevalent is Apache Velocity. A number of Eclipse projects use JET.

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I found JDynamiTe that does what I want.

I use it to dynamically generate my files given lists of inputs.

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Though it is late, i thought it might help others. Try using Fastcode Plugin which has templates which helps you to generate this kind of code.

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