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I have a horizontal panel with 3 buttons: Back, Next and Cancel. I've made horizontal alignment to the right, but only Next and Cancel buttons follow this alignment.

Here is the code:

HorizontalPanel buttons = new HorizontalPanel();

cancel = new Button("Cancel");
next = new Button("Next");
back = new Button("Back");

buttons.setCellWidth(back, "98%");
buttons.setCellWidth(next, "1%");
buttons.setCellWidth(cancel, "1%");

The problem is with this panel width. But if I delete it, all my buttons are left aligned. As a workaround I can use false button, that will be invisible and has cell width = 97%, the cell width of back button is 1%. But this is not what I need, because inspite of small amount of memory this invisible button consumes, it is still a memory :)

What is going wrong with this alignment? Maybe something is wrong with panel width? Hope for your help, thank you in advance.

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You can achieve this much easier using css:

FlowPanel panel = new FlowPanel();

cancel = new Button("Cancel");
next = new Button("Next");
back = new Button("Back");

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Thank you, this one helped me. –  Dragon Jul 13 '12 at 8:52

There is setCellHorizontalAlignment() property in HorizontalPanel. With it you can give alignment to its widgets.

Try following:

buttons.setCellHorizontalAlignment(backButton, HasHorizontalAlignment.ALIGN_RIGHT);
buttons.setCellHorizontalAlignment(nextButton, HasHorizontalAlignment.ALIGN_RIGHT);
buttons.setCellHorizontalAlignment(cancelButton, HasHorizontalAlignment.ALIGN_RIGHT);
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Good solution, but "Back" button is still left-aligned :( –  Dragon Jul 13 '12 at 8:52

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