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I am trying to add a repository to my settings.xml file so I can use the libraries in that repository in a project I am working on. here is my current settings.xml file.



          <id>xuggle repo</id>
          <name>Xuggler Repository</name>


I want to add the Xuggler repository to my settings.xml so I can search for the proper dependencies in M2E (Maven 2 Eclipse) and add them to my project. When I I go to windo->show view->Maven->maven repositories the xuggle repository is visible but completely empty. The Jars I need aren't being found.

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In order to support search and browsing of remote repositories from m2e, repository has to provide m2e indexes. Here are somewhat outdated docs.

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The recommended way is to use a Maven Repository Manager such as Nexus to manage the repositories you need.

See here how to configure the settings file: http://www.sonatype.com/books/nexus-book/reference/maven-sect-single-group.html

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