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Anyone tried to enable batching support using Fluent NHibernate in pair with SQLite? I tried

m => m.FluentMappings.AddFromAssembly(Assembly.Load("Sauron.Core"))
.Conventions.Add(PrimaryKey.Name.Is(p => "Id"), ForeignKey.EndsWith("Id")))

but didn't work.

also I tried setting batch size on ISession and IStatelessSession but I got exception saying that batching is disabled.

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Batching is not yet supported for SQLite. It's only implemented for SQLServer and Oracle.

You don't necessarily have to wait for that to happen, though. You can implement IBatcherFactory and IBatcher.

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What id generation strategy are you using? Server-generated ones (identity, sequences) don't allow batching.

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I'm using assigned strategy... In other words, I'm assigning ids by hand – Davita Jul 12 '12 at 21:52

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