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I am using KNPPanginator Bundle, and pretty satisfied with it.

But i cannot find out, how to replace my sorters at the top, with icons instead of text. Here is my Twig code:

    {% block pagination_head %}

        <th>{{ pagination.sortable('likes', 'u.likePoints')|raw }}</th>
        <th>{{ pagination.sortable('title', 'u.title')|raw }}</th>
        <th>{{ pagination.sortable('date', 'u.created')|raw }}</th>

    {% endblock %}

So what do i need to do, to get a thumps up icon, instead of the word "like"? i tried pasing an <img src...> in there, but did not help.

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Well, first of all you need to have an image asset of a thumb-up. Let's say you do get one and put it here: web/images/like.png

Then all you need to do is this (assuming pagination.sortable('likes', 'u.likePoints') returns the string "like"):

<th>{{ asset( "images/" ~ pagination.sortable('likes', 'u.likePoints') ~ ".png" }}</th>

Of course, you'll probably want to put the image resource in your bundle and publish it with assets:install web, for encapsulations/organizational purposes.


There are a lot of ways to solve what you're talking about. One would be to make a macro.

In Your\Bundle\Resources\views\Macros\bootstrap.html.twig

{% macro icon_class( type ) %}
  {% set type_class_map = {
    like: 'icon-user'
  } %}
  {{ type_class_map[type] }}
{% endmacro %}

Then, in the template you need it in

{% import "YourBundle:Macros:bootstrap.html.twig" as bootstrap %}

{% set heading = pagination.sortable('likes', 'u.likePoints') %}
<th class="{{ bootstrap.icon_class(heading) }}">{{ heading }}</th>
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well i am using twitter bootstrap for icons, so i would be rather using something like <i class="icon-user"></i> to represent an icon. –  Confidence Jul 13 '12 at 8:30
Answer updated per your comment –  Peter Bailey Jul 13 '12 at 21:19
thanks for your ideas. i did the code here pastebin.com/taJZtZQq, but then i get the error: Key " <a class=sortable href=/app_dev.php/browse?sort=likePoints&amp;direction=asc&amp;page=1 title=likePoints>likePoints</a> " for array with keys "likePoints" does not exist in /coding/mynewsite/src/Tracker/MembersBundle/Resources/views/Macros/bootstrap.htm‌​l.twig at line 5 ......so it seems to expect an array in different form. –  Confidence Jul 16 '12 at 9:23

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