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How is the InvalidCastException I'm encountering in my C# WPF application happening?

I've tried changing the line that should be offending from "cacheConsumptionStatus = ConsumptionStatusType.GetByKey(Convert.ToInt32(value));" to "cacheConsumptionStatus = (ConsumptionStatusType.)value;", and the result is the same.

The result is even the same with that line commented out completely.

"cache" is of type BitArray, "hasValue" is bool, and "value" is object.

Relevant code:


case 968:
    cache[9] = hasValue;

    if (hasValue)
        {    <-- InvalidCastException -- Unable to cast object of type 'System.Int32' to type 'Enumerations.ConsumptionStatusType'.
            cacheConsumptionStatus = ConsumptionStatusType.GetByKey(Convert.ToInt32(value));
        }, cacheConsumptionStatus);


using System.Collections.ObjectModel;

namespace Enumerations
    public class ConsumptionStatusType : EnumBase<ConsumptionStatusType>
        public static readonly ConsumptionStatusType CONSUMED = new ConsumptionStatusType(0, "CONSUMED");
        public static readonly ConsumptionStatusType UNCONSUMED_SUPPRESSED = new ConsumptionStatusType(1, "UNCONSUMED_SUPPRESSED");
        public static readonly ConsumptionStatusType UNCONSUMED_NORMAL = new ConsumptionStatusType(2, "UNCONSUMED_NORMAL");
        public static readonly ConsumptionStatusType UNCONSUMED_ELEVATED = new ConsumptionStatusType(3, "UNCONSUMED_ELEVATED");

        public ConsumptionStatusType(int key, string value)
        : base(key, value)

        public static ReadOnlyCollection<ConsumptionStatusType> GetValues()
            return GetBaseValues();

        public static ConsumptionStatusType GetByKey(int key)
            return GetBaseByKey(key);
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You haven't shown what's in your EnumBase class but I suspect that GetBaseByKey is at some point doing trying to do the same (ConsumptionStatusType)value cast that you tried putting in directly. Casting like that would work with a normal enum, but what you have here with ConsumptionStatusType is a class trying to act like an enum but not providing any type conversion from Int32. From what's shown here you would be better served by just making ConsumptionStatusType a real enum rather than using the EnumBase class, which doesn't appear to be doing anything that isn't available on enums.

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This problem was a reference problem and not a code problem: I was working on the debug referenced library, while the project was referencing the release .dll, which is why it didn't matter what I changed in the debug .dll.

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