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I have a PHP array: Array(keyword1,blah0,blah1,blah2) and an SQL query.

In the query I want to find if one of the data in Array exists in one of the few columns selected (columnA|columnB|columnC) and fetch that row if true.

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You'll need a query like this:

$instring = implode("','", $array);
$sql = "SELECT `xy` FROM `z` WHERE (`columnA` IN ('".$instring."')
OR `columnB` IN ('".$instring."')
OR `columnC` IN ('".$instring."'))";
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I think this is what you want. I couldn't tell if you wanted to check every column for every value in your array.

SELECT * FROM tableName
WHERE columnA = $phpArray[0] OR
columnA = $phpArray[0] OR
columnB = $phpArray[0] OR
columnC = $phpArray[0] OR
columnA = $phpArray[1] OR
columnB = $phpArray[1] OR
columnC = $phpArray[1] OR
columnA = $phpArray[2] OR
columnB = $phpArray[2] OR
columnC = $phpArray[2] OR 
columnC = $phpArray[n];

You can use PHP to create this statement in a loop

$sql = "SELECT * FROM tableName WHERE ";
   $sql .= "columnA = "+"'"+$phpArray[$i]+"'"+ OR "
   $sql .= "columnB = +"'"+$phpArray[$i]+"'"+ OR "
   $sql .= "columnC = +"'"+$phpArray[$i]+"'"+ OR "
$sql .= "columnA = +"'"+$phpArray[$i]+"'"+ OR "
$sql .= "columnB = +"'"+$phpArray[$i]+"'"+ OR "
$sql .= "columnC = +"'"+$phpArray[$i]+"'"+;"
*send sql query

edit: Fixed errors in code

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+1 because this will work, but 32bitfloat's answer using SQL's IN is more readable. –  octern Jul 12 '12 at 20:11
Thanks, it looks like I made a couple of mistakes anyway. Didn't know about IN statements, so I learned something out of this. :) –  Susanoh13 Jul 13 '12 at 19:17

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