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How do I copy a file Or folder in the Program Files folder.

Experimented with:

 system("xcopy pro_s\\pro C:\\Program Files  /e /i /h");

But I did not succeed.

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Run your program with administrator rights –  Blood Jul 12 '12 at 15:59

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system("xcopy \"C:\\Program Files\\foldertocopy\" \"C:\\destination\" /e /i /h"); // Copy from

system("xcopy \"C:\\source\" \"C:\\Program Files\\foldertocopyinto\" /e /i /h"); // Copy to

The latter will need admin rights.

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There is a space in "Program Files" which can cause issues. Try surrounding it with double quotes \"C:\\Program Files\" or try with "C:\\Progra~1"

If you are on C++, you can use mighty boost as well: See http://stackoverflow.com/a/2536438 or http://stackoverflow.com/a/8594696 or on windows see SHFileOperation API

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