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I am trying to get a certain look in pure css (no images).

What I have is:


I would like for the text "title" to have a black background that is the same width as the text, but a different height.

I have tried this is various permutations: (ie. span in the link, span in the h2, h2 display inline and the span a block)

<h2 class="title section-title">
    <a href="<?php echo site_url(); ?>/artwork/illustrations" >
        Illustrations<span class="title-bg"></span>

If I get the width right, I can't change the height because the span is an inline element. If I get the height right by making the span a block, I can't change get the width to be exactly the width of the text because it is now a block level element and expands to be the entire width of the page.

Any ideas, or will I simply have to use an image?

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for those who wonder how to set a blockquote width (that would need to fit on the left of a picture) use display: block; overflow: hidden; – Guillaume Combot May 16 at 11:26

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Apply position: relative; to the <a>, and position: absolute; to the .title-bg <span>. Then set the top as appropriate, the left to 0, and the width and height as appropriate.

Something like this:

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The simplest approach I use is line-height.

h2 a {color:#fff; line-height:40px; display:inline-block; background:#333;}​

Here's a jsFiddle.

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a {
    padding:1em 0 1em 0;/*set top and bottom padding to make up extra height*/

Try this. Even inline elements can have padding.

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Use display:inline-block;.

See this fiddle.




h2 {
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