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So, I've just installed a code pasting utility on my website (like PasteBin basically, but using the open source PASTE script). At the moment, a paste will be saved in the SQL database, with an integer ID. The paste utilities directory is http://example.com/paste, and pastes can be found at http://example.com/paste/12345.

What I'd like to do, is create an htaccess rule so that when the user clicks on http://example.com/12345, they will be taken to http://example.com/paste/12345.

I've looked around at other questions, but none seem to ask (or solve) the same sort of question. But I could have looked in the wrong place, and someone will have a link to an answer within minutes of me posting. That would be equally great, but I'd prefer a more tailored solution, if possible.

NOTE: If anyone just wants to change the clickable link from http://example.com/paste/12345 (for example) to http://example.com/p/12345 without changing the actual subfolder name, check out my comment in the Accepted Answer. Otherwise, Dope Monk's solution will work fine for my initial problem.

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What have you tried? ... Google is for tutorials ... SO is for specific problems. –  rdlowrey Jul 12 '12 at 16:06
Thank you for including that URL - put a whole new perspective on asking questions! Anyway, I did follow a tutorial, but having looked at what @Dope Monk put (which is the same as I tried to do), I've realised the problem was a typo... EDIT: Dope's didn't work out of the box, actually. Managed to sort it though –  tristanojbacon Jul 12 '12 at 16:49

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You will need to have a simple rule in your .htaccess using mod_rewrite. However, you must ensure that mod_rewrite is enabled when you use this rule

Add this:

RewriteRule ^/([0-9]+)/$ /paste/$1 [NC,L]  
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I actually changed the way I wanted to do it, so that it would go to [url]/paste/12345 if the URL was[url]/p/12345 (having the ID in the root directory seems a bit dogdey/messy to me). I put: RewriteRule ^p/([0-9]+)/$ /paste/$1 [NC,L] so that it would do [url]/p/12345, but it gave a 404. I played around with the settings (with my very limited knowledge and Google) and managed to get it working using RewriteRule ^p/([0-9]*)$ /paste/$1 [L]. I modified a URL shortener rule, and merged the changes. Thanks for the push in the right direction though! –  tristanojbacon Jul 12 '12 at 16:56

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