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I am kind of new to GAE and I was trying to use @db.ComputedProperty to dynamically add field values However I am getting the error message

Property xxxx is 721 bytes long; it must be 500 or less. Consider Text instead, which can store strings of any length.

It seems that @db.ComputedProperty defaults to StringProperty Is there any way to change it to TextProperty?

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Why do you want to store a computed property in a way that can't be indexed? Can't you just compute it on read if you're not using it to search? –  Wooble Jul 12 '12 at 17:38

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Have your computed property return an instance of db.Text instead of a String. As Wooble points out, though, there's absolutely no point in doing this: the computed property exists to aid indexing, and if you're not indexing the data, you may as well use a regular property and not store it in the datastore at all.

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