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I have tomcat installed on server and available at It means that the tomcat's root application is hosted at that url.

Now I am trying to deploy new application (old.war) and the server deploys it at Untill now that's fine.

The problems start when I create some form at the page with such definition:

<html:form name="LoginForm" type="some.form" action="/LoginFormAction" method="post">...

and at the output I receive action's value "/old/". That's wrong value because it misses "app" at the begining. I tried different action's values, for example

<html:form name="LoginForm" type="some.form" action="/app/old/LoginFormAction" method="post">...
<html:form name="LoginForm" type="some.form" action="/app/LoginFormAction" method="post">...

but it still adds the "/old" prefix in action's value. How can I solve that problem? Thank you

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If the tomcat's root is app , then it won't be available for you , (think of it as '/' maps to 'app/') , you should use relative path , try

`action="LoginFormAction"` and it should work fine.
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I tried this one. It still converts the action's value to /old/LoginFormAction – nKognito Jul 13 '12 at 10:05
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According to this issue Struts 1 doesn't support relative paths in form's action attribute. So there is no way to solve it. Even with hacks like described here.

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