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Super simple question I'm sure but I don't do F# usually so a bit new to the syntax.

How do I read the following fragment of code:

        match shape.Fill with
          | :? PictureBrush as pb ->

Specifically, I'm not sure what PictureBrush refers to. There's not really any reference to it anywhere else in this file

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This the Type Test Pattern.

PictureBrush is a type. shape.Fill matches :? PictureBrush when the Fill property is assignable to that type.

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Also note that the as allows for binding of a variable to be of that type. So pb will be of type PictureBrush, but will have the exact same value as what shape.Fill resolved to.

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Its a type comparison. Like typeof(xx) in C#. So match to type of PictureBrush.

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I think it's more like is. – Daniel Jul 12 '12 at 19:59

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