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Is there a way to set a friendly name to a thread in code?

For example, I want the thread with name Thread-11 on the image was named something like 'MyImportThread'.


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yep.. it was a very dumb question, but I was confused a little of how to do it... :) thx for the answers, I even do not know which of them chose as correct :) –  Prizoff Jul 12 '12 at 18:01

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You can easily pass a thread name in Its Constructor. or by calling below method

public final void setName (String threadName)
Sets the name of the Thread.
threadName  the new name for the Thread

as Thread.currentThread().setName("Thread-11");

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Check the Thread constructors, there are a few with a String name parameter. Or you can call setName(String) on an existing Thread.

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The class Thread has a method for that:

public final void setName (String threadName)

Since: API Level 1
Sets the name of the Thread.

Did you try it?

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Did you try something like this?


Have look also at Threads reference especially at constructors.

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yes.. you can set a name to thread using


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Try this:

Thread thread = new Thread("MyImportThread") {
      public void run(){    
        // code
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