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Are there any object databases for .NET or with bindings for .NET?

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Wikipedia lists some.

You could also consider using Bamboo.Prevalence - a .NET persistence engine similar to Prevayler for Java. That is not a database in a usual sense (more on this here), but could be appropriate in some cases.

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db4o works on both Java and .NET.

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Take a look at 100% .NET object database - siaqodb ( http://siaqodb.com )

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Majority of object databases are not really .NET databases, as they are written in Java, and then converted into .NET (C#) by some kind of converter. That results in really poor performing code.

You can look into Eloquera Database, which is pure .NET-based object database with SQL, and performing from 10 to 1000 times faster than db4o.

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Intersystems Caché also has a managed .NET provider - can't speak from experience about its quality and usability, though:



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STSdb is coded in 100% pure managed C#. This allows its use under different .NET platforms like .NET Framework and Mono. db4o works on both Java and .NET.

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Databases for .NET are also listed in SharpToolbox.com's DBMS category.
You'll find object databases in there.

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