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I have a UserCredetnialsDatSourceAdapter defined in my Spring app context file. I also have a custom filter added to the Spring via the DelegatingFilterProxy.

This filter is using the @Autowire to get a reference to the DataSource Bean. I also @Autowire the DataSource in my DAO. When I debug I see different instance id's to the datasource in the Filter and DAO instances. Why are there 2 instances whenthese are singletons by default?

I also fired up jvisualvm and I looked at the heap and all my beans in my app context have 2 instances? Thanks for any insight maybe the bean pre/post processing has something do with it or maybe I should not be using @Autowire in a Filter. Any help is apprciated. Thanks!






Interesting I think I see what it going on. There are 2 instances because there are 2 contexts. One for the app and 1 for each request (Thread) I assume? Is there a way to specfiy which context to use? Maybe filter is not the answer and I will need to use AOP. Need to research how to inject a bean in @Aspect, if that is even possible.



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Can you post your web.xml file? To check that your are not building two different application contexts that use the same configuration file. – Luciano Jul 12 '12 at 18:11
Is your application context getting instantiated twice, once by web.xml and once in code? – GriffeyDog Jul 12 '12 at 18:15
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You are importing your /WEB-INF/config-context.xml as part of your Root Application Context(one loaded up by ContextLoaderListener) as well as your Web Context(loaded by DispatcherServlet). You can probably remove it from the one for DispatcherServlet.

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Thanks to Luciano and GriffyDog for the quick responses that led me to the answer and to Biju for the explanition. – user943583 Jul 12 '12 at 19:26

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