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What does this mean:

{@link KeyEvent#KEYCODE_ENTER}

I have seen it a couple times and I'm not quite sure what it represents. I am writing a testing program using Robotium, JUnit, and Android. If anyone could offer some clarification on the subject, more specificly, the {@link} part, that would be great!

Thank you in advance.

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It's an annotation used so when you generate the Javadoc, you'll have a link for the specified item. In this case, the KeyEvent class, with the anchor of KEYCODE_ENTER.

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I have not formally learned so perhaps someone can expand upon what I say.

It is shorthand that tells the java docs to insert a link to the desired place when they are being viewed. For instance when you view the javadocs for whatever method has that inside your IDE you'll be shown a link that will take you to the KeyEvent.KEYCODE_ENTER javadoc upon being clicked.

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With @link you can link to the Javadoc of a different class or class-member. See also the Javadoc documentation for @link

When the Javadoc is generated, a link to the right page + anchor is inserted. This allows for cross-referencing other parts of the Javadoc.

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