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I have Razor function which outputs some data and as result does not return anything (that's a long story why it is done this way):

  public static void SampleHelperMethod()

How can I call it in view now? I tried @MyFunctions.SampleHelperMethod() but it doesn't work for void functions.

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It seems extremely odd to put logic in a view. What exactly is the function doing? – Erik Philips Jul 12 '12 at 19:22
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    public static void TestFunction()


Use in View

@{ TestFunction(); }

Because this is a function that does not return anything, you need to wrap it in the braces like you would and if/for statement. However, like Erik said, it is really unclear why this logic would be declared in the may consider creating a helpers class that your views can include. This will allow for reuse and better separations of concerns.

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