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How can I retrieve the last entered value of the column in the database (MS ACCESS 2007)

I used the following code

String sql = "SELECT Last(RegNumber) FROM Death ";

but it does not work in MS ACCESS and when I run the program Error generates as

java.sql.SQLException: Column not found

but I have created a column in database as RegNumber

I am using Java for programming in which I used this query


RegNumber is in String form not in integer form so I cant use DESC or ASC

Please help me

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That query does work in MS Access natively, providing as you've stated that the correct columns are in the correct tables. It's possible that the Java SQL plugin does not recognize the command, and is interpreting this as a column named "Last(RegNumber)" – StuckAtWork Jul 12 '12 at 19:34
If you are creating records in a multi-user environment and you wish to return the ID of the record you have just created, this is not a good way to get it. – Fionnuala Jul 12 '12 at 19:43
Agreed; the methods given so far imply that you wish to retrieve the last row of a certain query, not to get the last inserted/edited row. There are other functions for this. – StuckAtWork Jul 12 '12 at 19:45
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Sort your table by whatever criteria you'd like and use SELECT TOP 1 * FROM myTable ORDER BY RegNumber ASC.

Or ORDER BY incrementingId DESC

Basically there must be some logical order to the sorting for what you refer to as the "last entered column" (which I assume means row, not column)

EDIT: Your function is correct in Access, and should return the correct value. However Java may not interpret it correctly. Try your query in an Access native query, then try debugging your Java. If it's simply that Java does not support this function, consider using the built in ResultSet() functions in Java.sql

ResultSet rs = ....;
int RegNumber = rs.getRow();
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Top n will return more than n values where there are matches, so you must sort by both the desired column and a unique id if you require n results. – Fionnuala Jul 12 '12 at 19:39

I do not know about the last() function in MS ACCESS, but I have another idea:

Usually there is an automatically generated id for each table, so you can sort on it and get the first record from the result set like this:

SELECT RegNumber
FROM Death 
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Last() and First() are indeed MS Access SQL functions. See… – StuckAtWork Jul 12 '12 at 19:35

That depend of your database structure.

Typically with table come some unique identifier, if you are sure that it comes always in order to database you could use function MAX to retrieve the identifier and then whole row.

Another scenario is just to a timestamp columns that describe the time when column was created , this approach satisfying if the sequence is really crucial if not the id should be enough.

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Following will return the last and lastest RegNumber :

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