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I'm working on an image gallery that looks up all of the images that I have uploaded, and allows me to display them 5 at a time on a single page. The problem is, i'm unsure about how to approach this.

I have $_GET['max'], which is supposed to be the top most image to be displayed. $min would be $_GET['max'] - 5. In the event that the user manually enters a number here, I want to set $min to the next number down that's easily divisible by 5, from $REAL_MAX, which is the total number of images that have been uploaded.

How would I go about going through this cycle? I'm relatively new to coding, and I am attending classes on mathematics and logic to help me through some of this stuff.

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are your image URL's in a mysql table? Or are you simply scanning a directory? Your method seems slightly convoluted from what I can gather. –  Nico Burns Jul 17 '09 at 22:50
Ah, yes. they're in a mysql table and returned to $result[$current_iteration] So, I am currently tryin to reference the image as such: $min = $_GET['max'] - 5; while ($_GET['max'] > $min) { do whatever... $min++ } my problem is getting $min to be the nearest value below $REAL_MAX divisible by 5 –  jason Jul 17 '09 at 22:57

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If I understand you correctly:

$min = $max - ($max%5) ;

Example: User gives :$max = 53 then $min = 50

The %-sign is the modulus operator giving the remainder of $max divided by 5

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