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I'm fighting with this one for quite some time now. I have my TreeitemRenderer as follows:

public class PermissionTreeRenderer implements TreeitemRenderer<PermissionTreeNode> {

    public void render(final Treeitem treeItem, PermissionTreeNode node, int arg) throws Exception {
        final PermissionTreeNode ptn = (PermissionTreeNode)node;
        Treerow treeRow = new Treerow();

        PermissionItem current = (PermissionItem) ptn.getData();
        treeRow.appendChild(new Treecell(current.getName()));


My BasicComposer (extending GenericForwardComposer) has both the attributes

private PermissionTreeModel treeModel;
private TreeitemRenderer treeitemRenderer = new PermissionTreeRenderer();

with getters and setters.

In my .zul my tree looks like this:

<tree id="permissionTree" width="100%"
        <treecol label="Item" width="400px" />
        <treecol label="Wert" />

What I've seen by testing so far is that he loads the model (he steps into the getter), but not the treeitemRenderer. the render-method isn't called, no matter what I do.

Edit: My problem was that I only filled the root node (for testing) and it needs at least one child item to draw...

Well @dennis: I will try to use the new way like you said, so here's my code:

<tree id="permissionTree" width="100%"
    model="@bind(vm.treeModel)" style="text-align:left;">
        <treecol label="Item" width="400px" />
        <treecol label="Wert" />
        <treecol label="Einfügen" width="100px" />
    <template name="model" var="node" status="s">
        <treeitem open="@bind(">
                <treecell label="@bind(s.index)" />
                <treecell label="@bind(" />
                        <button label="Index"
                            onClick="@command('showIndex', index=s.index)" />
                        <button label="Delete"
                            onClick="@command('delete', node=node)" />
                        <button label="Add After"
                            onClick="@command('addAfter', node=node)" />
                        <button label="Add Before"
                            onClick="@command('addBefore', node=node)" />

But it just won't fill my tree with data anymore. Oh and, what's that status s variable? Do I have to make preparations in any other file?

Edit: Problem solved, had to apply org.zkoss.bind.BindComposer

Thanks guys!

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Which version of ZK are you using? – Tim Jul 13 '12 at 8:24
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If you are using ZK 6, you could use new bind mechanism which is easier than it in ZK 5 and you don't need to write a renderer. here is the code snippet shows the look

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First of all: thanks for the answer, I guess I'm going with this. – Kevin Suppan Jul 14 '12 at 13:08
Edited my startpost. Would really appreciate your help with the new method. – Kevin Suppan Jul 15 '12 at 9:15

Two notes:

  1. treeitemRenderer is deprecated in favor of itemRenderer.
  2. Check that your treeModel is not null because Sets the renderer which is used to render each item if Tree.getModel() is not null.
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