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Ok, I am working on a website which has fixed #sidebar and non-fixed #main_content. Now, what I need to do here is to make my #main_content part of the page scroll from div to div by clicking on a site navigation which is located at the sidebar. So if the user presses the "contact" button, the #main_content of the page auto-scroll to the #contact division.

I searched the net and found around 100 different jQuery sliders but nothing like this what I need. Any links, tutorials, ideas?

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Use anchor hyperlinks and use jQuery to slide to them.


    scrollTop: $("#myLink").offset().top
}, 'slow');
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Wow, that was fast! :D Now I see that there are so many solutions for this but I didn't use the proper search words before. Thanks! –  Jay Query Jul 12 '12 at 20:53

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