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I have some markup that I am generating in a Helper file (which is located in the root\App_Code\myHelper.cs directory):

@helper GenerateMarkup(int id)
   <div class="dude">
      <a href="awesome.cshtml">Wow</a>

and, in my results page, I have a place where this is supposed to go. It's supposed to go inside a Container div:

<div class="ContainerDIV">


I made a little jQuery to try and send an ID (int) to the GenerateMarkup(int id) method inside the Helper file, which should return the generated markup back to the jQuery function, which, in turn, should display the generated markup inside the ContainerDIV, mentioned above.

Here's my jQuery stuff (which is inside the ContainerDIV's div (please excuse the sucky-ness of my jQuery, I'm quite new to it):

    <div id="ContainerDIV" class="Bordered">
                $('.MoreInformationOnPosition').click(function () {
                    var elID = $(this).attr('id');

                        type: "POST",
                        url: "JTS.cs/GenerateMarkup",
                        data: elID,
                        contentType: "application/html",
                        dataType: "html",
                        success: function (msg) {
                            // Replace the div's content with the page method's return.

It's just not working. I've tried PageInspecter with Visual Studio 2012, and can't find any "issues", but I do know I've done something wrong. I believe this is quite a unique situation, which might explain why I failed to find anything on the web about this.

How can I achieve this? I'd appreciated any help at all.

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Are you getting the result from the helper? If yes, try this instead: $("#ContainerDIV").html(msg.d);

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