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I have a background image that's centered vertically and horizontally using CSS. It looks great and is working as long as the window is large enough to display the background image.

The problem I have occurs when the window is resized to be smaller than the bg image. When this happens, the bg image continues to be centered, but I instead need to maintain a minimum margin around the top and left of the bg image. The BG image is 900px x 700px, and the code I've used is:

#main_wrapper {
    background-image: url(../images/background.jpg);

Any solution would need to continue to center the bg image horizontally and vertically when the window is large enough to allow it, but would have a minimum margin at the top when the window is shorter than the bg image, and a minimum margin at the left when the window is narrower than the bg image. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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If this is in your <body>, I'd add two extra divs right at the beginning of the body, positioned absolute, and having a background-color of white, to make sure that in that area, the background image isn't seen.

Then wrap the rest of what you had in the body in a <div> and have it be position: relative.

I think this should result in what you want.

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