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I know how to draw paths on a canvas and understand how to undo/redo. But now I want to draw shapes (lines, circles, rectangles) that dynamically resize depending on how I drag them - just like we have in MS Paint.

If I use "drawLine", the line is there permanently with no way of erasing it and redrawing it to my new finger location. Same with circle as I want the circle to constantly change width as I drag my finger. So the old one has to erased (keeping all the other paths on the bitmap intact) and the new one drawn in its place.

Been searching a lot for this, but haven't come across how t do it. Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords, but I don't know. Any pointers?

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Each time you move the finger, call the underlying view's invalidate() function, it will trigger erasing the entire background

public void invalidate () Since: API Level 1

Invalidate the whole view. If the view is visible, onDraw( will be called at some point in the future. This must be called from a UI thread. To call from a non-UI thread, call postInvalidate().

Then redraw your shape based on your finger's new position.

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I already call invalidate while drawing other stuff. When in "shape" mode, if I call Canvas.drawRect, then the change will be made permanent. – Bhagwad Jal Park Jul 13 '12 at 19:03
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Managed to do it. I misunderstood the way the offscreen drawing thing worked. The idea is to write to the bitmap only after you have the shape you want - ie on "touch up". Till then, draw the shape using the "canvas" object in on Draw...

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