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I have recently compiled the new official opencv2 IOS framework and added to my project. However I have received linker errors while using "split" and "merge" functions.

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
  "__ZN2cv5mergeERKSt6vectorINS_3MatESaIS1_EERKNS_12_OutputArrayE", referenced from:
      -[ImageProcessModule paintImage] in ImageProcessModule.o
  "__ZN2cv5splitERKNS_3MatERSt6vectorIS0_SaIS0_EE", referenced from:
      -[ImageProcessModule determineHUELimits] in ImageProcessModule.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture armv7

How can I solve this problem?

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The problem was at the trunk version. Use of the official distribution (OpenCV IOS Framework) solved the problem.

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