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one user agent string is:

mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie 6.0; windows nt 5.1; btrs121199; sv1; infopath.1; fw 2.0.6767)

Does anyone know what fw 2.0.6767 means? Does it mean firmware? Can I change the version easily?

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From where have you extracted that user-agent string? – Zuul Jul 12 '12 at 22:50
from a web log that I need to analyze. – Baoning Wu Jul 13 '12 at 16:07

As far as my knowledge goes, user agent strings don't provide firmware versions unless they are manipulated by users.

The fw 2.0.6767 fragment present on that UA string may refer to a framework version; Adware or custom fragment added by an application or by the user itself.

Decomposing the UA string:

mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie 6.0; windows nt 5.1; btrs121199; sv1; infopath.1; fw 2.0.6767)

  • mozilla/4.0

    Application name and version. For historical reasons, Internet Explorer identifies itself as a Mozilla browser.

  • compatible;

    Compatibility flag token. It indicates that Internet Explorer is compatible with a set of common features.

  • msie 6.0;

    The Version token identifies the browser and contains the version number, as reported by the current browser mode. The value indicates Windows Internet Explorer 6.

  • windows nt 5.1;

    Microsoft Windows NT version 5.1 (commonly known as Windows XP Professional).

  • btrs121199;

    Unknown fragment *

  • sv1;

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed (Security Version 1)

  • infopath.1;

    MS Infopath version 1 (an MS Office extra application) and means that it may be collecting data for use in a forms based application.

  • fw 2.0.6767

    Unknown fragment *

* May relate to an Adware or a custom identification added by a application being used.

This is the result that I've been able to compile after 5 hours researching, reading and cross-referencing information.

Online UA analysis tools:

You can refer the following websites that provide tons of UA strings, including the fragments identification for any given UA string:

Additional information provided by browser vendors:

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