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Im currently using a program called KNIME, which is used for analysing data. For some of my data, I want each row in a column to be averaged with the value in the previous row. The 'java snippet' option requires a 'global value declaration' and a 'method body'. The column name is 'new acc'. I understand to use this program more efficiently I'll probably need to learn simple java (and its on my to do), but just for this evening I would like a quick check on some of the data used. Any help is really appreciated - ive attached an image of the layout. enter image description here Thanks!

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If you aren't required to use the Java Snippet, I'd recommend the Math Formula node.

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There's a Moving Average Node which might be suitable for the task.

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What about putting

double acc = Double.NaN;

to the global area, and something like this to the method body:

if (Double.isNaN(acc)) {
    acc = $z$;
    return $z$;
} else {
    double avg = (acc + $z$) / 2;
    acc = $z$;
    return avg;
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As a partial answer to the one from Sylvansight, it should be noted that the Java Snippet node is executed on a per row basis, so it's not even possible to use the Java Snippet node to access the values in the previous or subsequent rows.

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