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In Weechat, I'm familiar with where most of the look/colour settings are, but I cannot seem to find the setting for the "has joined" and "has quit" messages. Any assistance would be very appreciated!

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In the last 2 versions of Weechat, those colors are not part of the [color] section under the weechat.conf config. They're actually under irc.conf, under [color], and set as message_join and message_quit. You can change these from within weechat by typing:

/set irc.color.message_join <color>
/set irc.color.message_quit <color>

Remember to type /save to save your changes.

This has been the case for Weechat 0.3.6 and higher, and pretty sure 0.3.5 had a unified config file (everything under weechat.conf).

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