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I will get to the point and explain what I am trying to accomplish then show you what I currently am using to achieve this.

What I want is to check if directory has any files it at all. Now I usually use readdir and use a while loop to go thru it and what not but I ran up scandir() and thought it would be a bit quicker to use.

I am trying to use a logical operator for when scandir() fails. So for example:

//do something;

at first it seemed to work however when i implemented something else to be done solely when scandir() fails, it seems like it just ignores it and put it regardless.

any thoughts?

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The code you've put there will "do something" when scandir doesn't fail. Can you show us the code you used when you "implemented something else to be done solely when scandir() fails"? –  Gareth McCaughan Jul 13 '12 at 0:15

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Try defining a variable for the scandir function and use it as a condition in your if statement. For example

if(scan_result == false)
 //Do something
 //Do something else
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