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My form extend Zend_Dojo_Form

I used both Dojo FilteringSelect and Zend Select element

this is the Zend Select code

         'label'        => 'Vehicle_For_Sale_Locale',
         'required'     => true,
         'value'        => '',
     'multiOptions'  => $this -> _getLocaleAvailabe(),

and this is the Dojo FilteringSelect code

            'label'         => $this-> view -> __('Vehicle_For_Sale_Type'),
            'required'      => true,
            'value'         => '',
            'id'            => 'type_id',
            'multiOptions'  => $this -> _getLocaleAvailabe(),


FilteringSelect rendered proberly but Zend Select rendered like this

<select required="1" id="main-locale_id" name="main[locale_id]">
    <optgroup label="options" id="main-locale_id-optgroup-options">
        <option selected="selected" label="--SELECT Language--" value="">--SELECT Language--</option>
        <option label="English" value="1">English</option>
        <option label="Arabic" value="2">Arabic</option>
        <option label="Franci" value="3">Franci</option>
    <option label="&lt;br /&gt;" value="listsep">&lt;br /&gt;</option>
    <option label="main-locale_id" value="id">main-locale_id</option>

I believe I didn't add optgroup and the last two options

<option label="&lt;br /&gt;" value="listsep">&lt;br /&gt;</option>
<option label="main-locale_id" value="id">main-locale_id</option> 

How can I remove the last two options and optgroup ?

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Can you add the output of Zend_Debug::dump($this -> _getLocaleAvailabe());? Thanks. –  drew010 Jul 13 '12 at 2:22
array(4) { [""] => string(19) "--SELECT Language--" [1] => string(7) "English" [2] => string(6) "Arabic" [3] => string(6) "Franci" } –  user1476552 Jul 13 '12 at 2:53
I've seen this before, it has something to do with that empty string in your first array item. Give a valid array value (0) to --SELECT Language-- and see if that will fix it. –  RockyFord Jul 13 '12 at 9:05
I tried "0"/0 but no luck, and try to remove all the --SELECT Language-- but also no luck :( –  user1476552 Jul 13 '12 at 12:54

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