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I have a many-to-many relationship in mongodb between Players and Tournaments.

I want to be able to add many Players to a Tournament at once. This is trivial to do without ajax, but we have a DB of thousands of Players, and so the form select becomes huge.

We want to use ajax for this. Is it possible to create a single widget (with js) to handle this properly? If so, any hints on what jquery plugin (or other) to use?

If not, whats the standard strategy to do this? I suppose I could heavily change the view for this form and use an ajax autocomplete to add one player at a time, and then some more code to delete each player one at a time. However, I'd really like to have a single widget I can re-use because its so much cleaner and seems much more efficient.

I have been playing with Select2 all day (similar to jQuery Chosen) and I have it working for adding many Players via ajax, but it does not allow me to set the already attached players when I initially load the page, so I won't be able to see who's already in the tournament and would have to retype everyone in.

Thanks for ANY input on this matter! I can't find anything via Google.

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I was able to accomplish this by $.ajax after the constructor within the onload function where //website/jsonItem is a json-encoded list of all items, and //website/jsonItemUser is a json-encoded list of all items attached to user. I used // to keep the https/http consistent between calls.

  ,multiple: true
  ,ajax: {
    url: "//website/jsonItem"
  ,dataType: 'jsonp'
  ,data: function (term, page) {
    return {
      q: term, // search term
      limit: 20,
      page: page
  ,results: function (data, page) {
    var more = (page * 20) < data.total;
    return { results: data.objects, more: more };
    function(element, callback){
      var items=new Array();
        url: "//website/jsonItemUser"
    url: "//website/jsonItemUser"
   ,dataType: 'jsonp'
   ,success: function(items, status, ob) {$('.selectitem').select2('data',items);}
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