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I have this list

<li id="field_7_div" class="field_block">
<div class="col_label">
<label class="form_field">How satisfied are you with <span class="aggregator_name">your aggregator</span>?</label>
<label class="form_required">*</label>
<div class="col_field">
<div class="radio" id="uniform-field_7_0"><span>
<input type="radio" class="form_radio" value="Very Satisfied" id="field_7_0" name="field_7" style="opacity: 0;">
<label for="field_7_0" class="form_choice_text">Very Satisfied</label>
<div class="radio" id="uniform-field_7_1"><span>
<input type="radio" class="form_radio" value="Satisfied" id="field_7_1" name="field_7" style="opacity: 0;">
<label for="field_7_1" class="form_choice_text">Satisfied</label>
<div class="radio" id="uniform-field_7_2"><span>
<input type="radio" class="form_radio" value="Neutral" id="field_7_2" name="field_7" style="opacity: 0;">
<label for="field_7_2" class="form_choice_text">Neutral</label>
<div class="radio" id="uniform-field_7_3"><span>
<input type="radio" class="form_radio" value="Unsatisfied" id="field_7_3" name="field_7" style="opacity: 0;">
<label for="field_7_3" class="form_choice_text">Unsatisfied</label>
<div class="radio" id="uniform-field_7_4"><span class="checked">
<input type="radio" class="form_radio" value="Very Unsatisfied" id="field_7_4" name="field_7" style="opacity: 0;">
<label for="field_7_4" class="form_choice_text">Very Unsatisfied</label>
<input type="hidden" value="5" name="field_7_length">
<div class="instruction" id="field_7_tip"></div>

I want to hide the text "Satisfied, Neutral, Unsatisfied" and just leave "Very Satisfied and Very Unsatisfied". Can you guys please tell me how to hide this text using Jquery? or CSS if it works in IE8.

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This is not Java related but Javascript – Luiggi Mendoza Jul 13 '12 at 1:35
You could always use :nth-child. – uınbɐɥs Jul 13 '12 at 2:33

Only CSS

using adjacent sibling selectors :

#uniform-field_7_1 + label,
#uniform-field_7_2 + label,
#uniform-field_7_3 + label{display:none} 

or attribute-selectors

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if ids never change you can just hide with CSS

#uniform-field_7_1, #uniform-field_7_2,
#uniform-field_7_3 { display: none !important; }

and for labels use a jquery

$('label[for*="field_7_1"], label[for*="field_7_2"], label[for*="field_7_3"]').hide();
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Then it'll hide the radio button too – user1074803 Jul 13 '12 at 1:36
If you need only hide the text just run the jQuery of answer – GTSouza Jul 13 '12 at 1:39
Thanks heaps :D – user1074803 Jul 13 '12 at 1:41

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