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I am to new to NLTK and Python. How do I add or upload our own file to nltk corpus? For example, how could I upload my own .TXT file to ieer corpus? Is it possible? Thanks.

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What you're probably trying to do is read your own file using the nltk software. If you have a directory /home/me/corpusdir with files in ieer format, you should be able to open them with

myreader = nltk.corpus.reader.ieer.IEERCorpusReader(r'/home/me/corpusdir', '*.txt')

You can then call the same methods as on the real ieer corpus. Check out the documentation for CorpusReader and for the ieer module (which I've never used) for details.

If you really want to add your files to the existing corpus, you should either drop them into the nltk_data direcrory or (more complex but better in the long run) put a symlink from your corpus directory to the nltk ieer directory, so that your reader will treat the original ieer files as a subdirectory of your corpus.

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