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Flame Fractal

I have been searching about flame fractals for a week now. But i can't seem to find any implementations or info on them other types of fractals ( mandelbrot,sierpinski vs.) have implemented multiple times. Everybody refers to the original paper, i have read the original paper but i still can't grasp how it works. Can somebody point me any resources or implementations of flame fractals?

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I have made an implementation in Java:


The following features exists:

  • Run from terminal.
  • Produces PNG images.
  • Uses gamma computation for better color, (as suggested in original paper).
  • Color depending on last used functions, (asiop).
  • Buckets with changable size, for antialiasing, (asiop).
  • Some non-linear functions (Sinusodial, Fisheye, etc), (asiop).
  • There are some short examples that generates a random flame, the sierpinski triangle, and a fern.

Look in Computator.java that do the auto focusing and the iterations, and FlameRenderer.java that converts the RawData into an image.

Known bugs:

  • Number of iterations can only be MAX_INTEGER, and there is only rudimentary error handling.
  • Only png files are supported output.

I hope it will help you, and I'm open for improvements.

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