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Currently, to do a search using EF CodeFirst and a repository pattern, based on user input to multiple text boxes on an mvc search view/page, I do something like the following:

    public PagedList<Entity1> PlayerUserSearch(Entity1SearchParameters searchParameters, int? pageSize, int? startEntity, Func<Entity1, object> sortOrder, bool sortDesc)
        IQueryable<Entity1> query = from entities in this.DataContext.Entity1s.Include("Entity2List")
                                    where entities.Entity2List.Any()
                                    select entities;

        if (searchParameters.Entity2PrimaryKeyId.HasValue)
            query = query.Where(e => e.Id == searchParameters.Entity2PrimaryKeyId.Value);

        if (searchParameters.HasStats.HasValue)
            if (searchParameters.HasStats.Value)
                query = query.Where(u => u.Entity2List.Any(e => e.Stat != null));
                query = query.Where(u => u.Entity2List.Any(e => e.Stat == null));

        if (searchParameters.Entity2OtherField.HasValue)
            query = query.Where(u => u.Entity2List.Any(e => e.Event.Entity2OtherField == searchParameters.Entity2OtherField));

        if (searchParameters.Entity2OtherField2.HasValue)
            query = query.Where(u => u.Entity2List.Any(e => e.Event.Entity2OtherField2 == searchParameters.Entity2OtherField2));

        if (searchParameters.Active.HasValue)
            query = query.Where(e => e.Active == searchParameters.Active.Value);

        return this.GetPageByStartEntity(pageSize.Value, startEntity.Value, query, sortOrder, sortDesc);

The problem with this is that for every time I add on another where that checks the child of Entity1 (Entity2) for a certain field, it takes on a new " AND EXISTS" clause to the sql statement generated, so that it is doing an exists and checking table Entity2 all over again for every different field checked, rather than doing a single EXISTS on Entity in the query, and checking all fields I tacked on to the query (i.e. EntityOtherField1 and EntityOtherField2). I haven't been able to find a better way to do a search based on user inputs than constantly checking for the input being there (add to the search parameters)) and then tacking on a new where to the current query. Can anyone tell me if there is a better way to do this? Thanks!

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I think what you're looking for is using Specification Pattern.

var spec = new specification<Entity2>(s => true);
if (searchParameters.HasStats.Value)
    spec = spec.And(e => e.Stat != null);

if (searchParameters.Entity2OtherField2.HasValue)
        spec = spec.And(e => e.Event.Entity2OtherField2 == searchParameters.Entity2OtherField2);

query = query.Where(u => u.Entity2List.Any(spec));  

Or I believe you can make it more standard by separating the filter logic and using spec.IsStatisfiedBy method. A good framework for repository/specification implemetation on Entity Framework can be found here.

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I think the bigger issue I may be having is that using an Include to make sure Entity2 gets returned conflicts with having an Any (exists) on the same entity/table. ...so even if I restrict what I am looking for by using the Any on that list of Entity2 children, having the Include still causes a join to that table, which will join to all records in that table, even though I don't want it to. How can I get it so that instead of doing an exists from using Any, to just adding those parameter checks to the current clause instead of to an exists? – user1368182 Jul 13 '12 at 14:35

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