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I recently realized that Amazon's AWS free tier allows you to use both a micro Linux and a micro Windows server free for one year. I've only been running Linux instances so far, but I'm curious to give the Windows server a try since it's free.

Ubuntu has a sweet cloud portal which shows you what AMI images they have available for use with EC2, but I haven't found anything like that for Windows.

I realize that the launch instance wizard gives you a few options:


But I dont' see any pre-built WAMP stacks. Also, bitnami has a WAMP stack but I can't seem to find an AMI image for it.

Is launching a Windows instance similar to Linux? I'm assuming I can find a reputable WAMP AMI somewhere where, put the AMI number into the launch console, and then RDP to the box. So, if that's the case, how can I find a reputable WAMP stack AMI to use?

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First of all, yes. Launching a Windows AMI is exactly like launching a Linux one. Except for the fact that you RDP, and not SSH to the instance, and you have to wait a couple of minutes to connect to your instance, in order for the Admin password to be generated.

For your second question, I would recommend you to start at the Bitnami site, but I saw that they are only providing LAMP instances as of today. I don't know what is your concept of reputable, but I found out two public AMIs (from Bitnami as well, but a little older, as it seems) that might help you. Just launch (on your EC2 Management Console) the Classic Wizard, Community AMIs, and search for WAMP and you will find them out.

Hope it helps.

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Wow - only two images when searching for WAMP in the community AMI's!? I've picked the newer one and launched it. This is a little off topic but how do you know what the admin password is? I'm used to using SSH keys. – cwd Jul 13 '12 at 12:58
Right-click your instance (in the My Instances view) and click Get Windows Password. – Viccari Jul 13 '12 at 13:04
perfect - thanks so much! ps: if anyone else has notes about where to find WAMP ami's I will gladly upvote your answers – cwd Jul 13 '12 at 13:12

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