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Given a Guava cache created with the code below is there a maximum cache size if one is not set?

LoadingCache<String, String> loadingCache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder().build(new CacheLoader<String, String>() {
    public String load(String key) throws Exception
        return key.toUpperCase();

In my case I really want a cache with no upper bound in size. I am using the cache to store permissions for logged in users and will evict items from the cache on user logout or session expiry.

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The default cache is unbounded: as indicated in the javadoc for CacheBuilder, all the features are optional.

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Great thanks for the link, I just found out about Guava yesterday and its been a lot of open tabs in my browser trying to gork it. –  ams Jul 13 '12 at 18:12

The simple answer is no limit, if your mean “default” is CacheBuilder.maximumSize() is never called.

And I don’t think your application needs size-based evict strategy. When user sessions expires, just remove it from cache (Cache.invalidate(key)).

And String upper case doesn't need cache, call upper case directly is much easier and effective than cache.

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