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I am creating a barchart of the distribution of the proportion of "DISTANCE" across the variable "STATE" in this data. My code is as follows:

df = loadObject("bchart.bin")
df.prop =$STATE, df$DISTANCE),1)) #Creating proportions data
  names(df.prop) = c('State','Distance','Proportion')

pdf(file="bchart.pdf", width=10, height=10, pointsize=10)
barchart(State ~ Proportion, groups=Distance, data=df.prop, stack=T, horizontal=T, auto.key=list(columns=5, space="top"), par.settings = list(superpose.polygon = list(col = rev(gray.colors(5)))))

The pdf file is here. Why is the legend printing the '≤' as '...' when the '>' is printing fine? This is happening only with pdf or eps. If I use png, the output is fine.

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It should work when using the cairo PDF backend, e.g.

cairo_pdf(file="bchart.pdf", width=10, height=10, pointsize=10)

Although I haven't checked, this might well have to do with PDF encoding, see Including fancy glyphs in R Graphics PDF output, by Paul Murrell.

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This probably is an encoding issue. Non-latin1 languages deal with this on a daily basis and it's not pretty. – Roman Luštrik Jul 13 '12 at 10:18
Perfect! Many thanks, chl. – user702432 Jul 13 '12 at 14:32

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