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I have a usercontrol that acts as a container for a ContentControl.
The user control container has a listview control that I want to use to update controls in a dynamically added user control assigned to the ContentControl.
IOW, as I scroll through the listview control, the textbox's in the UC assigned to the ContentControl should update.

I've done this when everything is in one page no problem, but am having a hard time passing the ListView as a datacontext to the dynamically added UC.

How can this be done?


 <ListView x:name="lstIncidents">


 <ContentControl x:Name="PlaceHolder"></ContentControl>

In Codebehind...

PlaceHolder.Content = new LocationView();

When adding the "LocationView" to the PlaceHolder.Content, I need to pass "lstIncidents" as the datacontext so the textboxs in "LocationView" refresh as the ListView is navigated.

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I've read your question three times, and it's really confusing the way you worded things. Would you please be a bit more clear with what you're trying to do? –  exclsr Jul 18 '09 at 2:16

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Controls inherit their DataContext from their parent, so try setting the DataContext on the ContentControl:

    DataContext="{Binding SelectedItem,ElementName=lstIncidents}" />
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