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i am using silverlight 5 and hosted the SL5 application.

As we all have seen, when we come in the homepage of this website, we will see a message telling us to install silverlight if we haven't installed silverlight. How to detect if the client machine has not installed silverlight ? if not installed i need to show a custom message and take the user into micorsoft site in order to download the silverlight instead of the install silverlight message.

i have verified the below URL and did the same thing..

but i hosted my application and i did the same in the above url but it does not worked.. i got the default result only but not my customized information's if the client doesn't have silverlight.

i am using silverlight 5.



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Please take a look at

The Silverlight.js file does all the magic. In fact you if you create a new silver light project in Visual Studio 2010 detection of Silverlight and automatic install is all handled for you.

Silverlight Install and Upgrade Experience has all the information on customizing the install experience

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