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I have to write a query to select the id of employee who joined the department first for this I apply grouping on deptId and Min aggregate function on join date.

EmpId joinDate  deptId
1      2/5/2012   2
2      5/6/2012   1
3      2/5/2012   2
4      5/58/2012  2

My result should be:

EmpId joinDate  deptId
1      2/5/2012   2
2      5/6/2012   1

I am unable to get EmpId, my EmpId is of type Guid. Is there any possible solution for that. I am using MS SQL SERVER 2008.

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EmpId is not GUID..... r u sure its GUID....? – Asif Jul 13 '12 at 6:29
@SoftwareEngineer - EMP_Id is assigned Guid values and is actually a String type or it is a GUID type ? – RGI Jul 13 '12 at 6:52
in my example above it is not GUID but in actual Db it is GUID – Software Engineer Jul 13 '12 at 7:11
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please try this query and let me know

select EmpId, joinDate , deptId from
(select row_number() over(partition by deptId order by joinDate) as rnk,*
from employe)E
where E.rnk=1
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Maybe a little bit simpler solution:

SELECT * FROM employees a WHERE joinDate IN
(SELECT MAX(b.joinDate) FROM employees b WHERE b.deptId = a.deptId)

assuming that your table's name is employees and that you want to get all employees from the department who joined first (there can be more than one!). Disclaimer: not tested on MS SQL Server but on PostgreSQL, however it's a simple SQL and I think it should work.

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