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I had created a method to write on xml file my infos

Element performances = new Element("performances");
Document doc = new Document(performances);

performances.setAttribute(new Attribute("date", dateFormat.format(cal.getTime())));

                Element uptime = new Element("uptime");
                uptime.addContent(new Element("days").setText(new Long(duptime).toString()));
                uptime.addContent(new Element("hours").setText(new Long(huptime).toString()));
                uptime.addContent(new Element("minutes").setText(new Long(muptime).toString()));
                uptime.addContent(new Element("seconds").setText(new Long(suptime).toString()));
                doc.getRootElement().addContent(new Element("totalhitcount").setText(new Long(stats.gettotal_hit_count()).toString()));
                doc.getRootElement().addContent(new Element("emittedbytes").setText(new Long(stats.getemitted_bytes()).toString()));
                doc.getRootElement().addContent(new Element("avghitsec").setText(new Float(stats.getavg_hit_sec()).toString()));
                doc.getRootElement().addContent(new Element("avgbyteshit").setText(new Long(stats.getavgbytes_hit()).toString()));
                doc.getRootElement().addContent(new Element("avgbps").setText(new Long(stats.getavgbps()).toString()));
                //Total threads
                doc.getRootElement().addContent(new Element("totalthreads").setText(new Long(stats.gettotal_threads()).toString()));
                //Idle threads
                doc.getRootElement().addContent(new Element("idlethreads").setText(new Long(stats.getidle_threads()).toString()));

                XMLOutputter xmlOutput = new XMLOutputter();

                xmlOutput.output(doc, new FileWriter("/home/mazzy/Scrivania/perfor_"+dateFormat.format(cal.getTime())+".xml"));

instead to recreate a new file everytime, I would create the first time the file and at the second writing append the infos on the existing file

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Do you mean append a whole new DOM after the existing one? If so:… – Thilo Jul 13 '12 at 6:26
yes I would append a new dom after the existing one... – Mazzy Jul 13 '12 at 6:31
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The FileWriter class has a constructor for that with the append parameter. So your code would look like this:

xmlOutput.output(doc, new FileWriter("/home/mazzy/Scrivania/perfor_"+dateFormat.format(cal.getTime())+".xml"), true);
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